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Vivo cast the evolution of technology and the adoption of new techniques, and animation has become one of the power sources to narrate stories. Human voices are an integral part of the whole process. Here’s the list of the best voice-over artists. With the advent of new technology, new techniques and art forms are being explored every day. Here’s a mention of all the great voice-over artists in the field of cinema, who are doing great in their genres. 

Lin Manuel Miranda

The Vivo cast has already become famous overnight. The genius Lin has powered this form of his artform. Vivo, the main character, has been vocalized by Lin. Netflix started showcasing the movie on its platform, and discussion started among the viewers about its expertise. The artist has done great work. 

Mel Blanc

The artist became famous by giving the voice to Bugs Bunny. The character drew its remark with the beautiful caricature done by both the voice-over artists and the writers of the story. The modulation was an extraordinary piece. Blanc is also famous for playing the voice of hapless private Snafu during the world war. 

Nancy Cartwright

The actor is famous for playing the voice of Bart Simpson in The Simpsons. The weirdness of the character is appealing to the audience, and Nancy played it with a sense of wit and humor. The female artist has also done tremendous works such as Rufus in Kimpossible, Pistol in Goof Troop, Margo Sherman in the critic, etc. 

Keith Todd 

Keith proves that there’s more to voice art than just storytelling. He is one of the underdogs of the industry, but the work done by him is just awe-inspiring. Budding writers, who know the depth of the work would surely know him and his works. Todd came into the limelight very late but has all the potential to prove his works worthy in the future.

Ninad Kamat

The Indian artist is the man behind the voice of ‘Rocket’ in Hindi dubbed Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a Maharashtrian theater artist and has the potential to play difficult roles. The man has also given the voice of Thanos. He has proved his worth. Some of the most important works of the artist are Stuart Little, The Phantom, Men in Black, avengers, etc. 

Mona Ghosh Shetty

She started young as a professional voice-over artist and has played a voice for many actresses due to their lack of knowledge regarding local languages. Some of the notable movies are Kal Ho Na Ho, Ishq Vishq, Partner, Hey Babyy, etc. She has experienced a long period, which proves her excellency as an artist. 

Mohan Kapur 

He’s a very renowned actor and also a wonderful voice-over artist. He has played voices in movies like The Angry Birds, Rio, Jack Ryan, Miss Marvel, etc. The artist is a hidden gem and has proven his worth in skills. He’s famously known for his negative and quintessential roles in movies. 

Amitabh Bachchan

The man needs no introduction, but the other part of his excellency is the great heavy bass in his voice. He’s a true gem of the Indian industry and also the king of voice modulation. It seems as if the story flows with his voice. He had also worked as a radio artist in his earlier career. The fun fact about the character is that he faced a lot of rejection because of his voice, but in the end successfully secured a place in the Indian film industry. 

Rajesh Kava

He has played a voice for ‘Jaggu Bandar’ in the animated series of Chhota Bheem. The character had already become very popular among the children. He has also been dubbed for the works like The Game of Thrones and The Works. He had a very decent start in his career but gradually caught up with the pace. He’s inspiring many of the budding voice-over artists. 

Kishore Bhatt

Last but not the least, Bhatt has gained a lot of accolades because of his innumerable works. He has played voices for Batman, Justice League, Dragon tales, Dora The Explorer, and many more. He has justified the true sense of being a voice-over artist. The list of works done by him doesn’t end. 

Final Thought

Most of the people among the young generations are fascinated by the job profile and intend to join it with their full devotion. So, if you are looking for a career in the field, it’s a very lucrative job because brands all across the world are coming over on the platform. You should surf more to know about the actors and their work. 

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