Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
distressed property

Distressed properties are one of the attractive investment options for real estate investors. They find these properties as a means of gaining profits and making good business out of them. However, with the financial boom that investing in these properties brings, they are difficult to be spotted or find out about. Although there are several sources from where the information on a Distressed Property can be found but here are certain hacks that can help you find a trace of these properties in your vicinity or city where you can make your investment deal.

Investors find the distressed properties enthralling as they can earn a wider profit margin, and without much competition, as the market for the buying and selling of distressed property is still rid of any severe competition. Let’s check out the hacks that can help in finding distressed properties available for sale.

Looking for neglected distressed property

The best way of finding a distressed property is to look for signs of neglect in houses and approach with a deal. For that to happen you first need to target a neighbourhood and then look for properties that are ignored or remain neglected. Some signs that can help you identify a neglected house are faded or peeling paint, various notices placed on doors and windows, broken windows or need of other exterior repairs, overgrown weeds or unattended lawns, uncollected mail, or lights not turned on during the night time. These signs indicate that a property is neglected and can be considered a distressed house. This also points out that either the owner doesn’t want to maintain the house or cannot financially afford to invest that much. These pose the house as perfect for availability as a distressed property

Considering Probate scenarios

Probate properties are yet another great opportunity for investors. These properties are listed in the probate court and are available in case of unfortunate events. Such as a death or divorce in the family. In the case of probate property. The inhabitants in many cases do not want the property and so there are higher chances that an investor can grab a good deal out of it. However, it should be kept in mind that in the case of a Probate Sale, there is a special process that involves the permission of an attorney or executor, who will be the mediator of the sale. 

Checking out bank-owned property listings

Bank auction listings have many such non-performing assets that need to be sold off as early as possible to clear the books. Being a liability to the bank they are available at a discounted price and make for a great investment. The real-estate-owned (REO) properties are also similar to the bank auction list properties. And are the non-performing assets that are already in possession of the real estate owners. And they would want to get rid of them at a lower price.

Finding derelict mortgage properties

The homes that have piling mortgage amounts to pay make for the best Distressed Property. The homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgage amounts remain at the risk of foreclosures, and in such situations, they willingly sell their property at a much lower price than the original value of the property to avoid foreclosure and the accompanying financial burdens. The information about these properties can be found in the local courthouses.

Target the unpaid tax records

Checking the tax records can help in finding properties that have piled unpaid taxes. Unpaid taxes indicate financial trouble and so are indicative of the probability of sale. Usually, unpaid taxes motivate homeowners to opt for selling their properties and get some financial stability from the money. So searching for distressed properties in the tax record office can be a good idea. 

Go Online

Many homeowners posts or list their distressed properties online for sale. It may be so that the property is in better condition. But it has an unpaid mortgage or tax amount. Some sites have such properties listed on their websites. You can go through the listings and then select a property that interests you. 

In addition to the residential properties that can be considered within the distressed property. There are also commercial properties that are in pretty bad shape or dire need of renovation. Just as you can opt for distressed houses and engage in house flipping. To finally sell them at a good price with a significant profit margin. Similarly, distressed commercial spaces can be purchased and resold after the renovation at a good deal. When looking for these distressed properties you can also look at the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). For unique and varied investment opportunities in distressed properties. However, to be able to look for properties in MLS you would be needing a real estate licence. 

Bottom Line

By now you must have known that finding a distressed property is not a child’s play. It requires effort to grab the opportunity to earn profits through investment in distressed properties. These hacks or ideas regarding where to find these properties can help construct creative strategies. From Probate Sale to bank auction listings, these are some of the best spaces to find distressed properties for sale. 

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